Adelaida - North County (SLO)

Driving SLO County

The Cypress Mountain Road!

Suggested Route from San Luis Obispo - Hwy 101
Go west on Vineyard Drive through Templeton.
Cross Hwy 46 West about 10 miles to Adelaida Road.
Go left and take Adelaida Road to Chimney Rock Road.
Right on Chimney Rock Road (turns into Lake Nacimiento Road).
Stay on G14 into Paso Robles. Spring St takes you to the heart of Paso.
Our Special Drive from Morro Bay
Go north on Hwy 1 past Harmony to Hwy 46.
Take Hwy 46 inland to Old Creek Road/Santa Rosa Creek Road
Take a left on Santa Rosa Creek Road (right is Old Creek Road from Cayucos)
Go 4.2 miles to Cypress Mountain Drive
It looks bad, but drive up past the 'Not open to thru traffic" sign!
Set your odomometer to 0.0 miles.
1.2 miles to the top and the road only gets better as you go!
6.3 miles marks the Klau Mine (quicksilver!).
Turn right on Klau Mine Road until the 'T' with Adelaida Road.
Take left and look for the Adelaida Cemetery.
Take a right on Chimney Rock Road and look for the Lincoln School building.
Continue to Paso Robles on G14
Lunch at Kelly's on Spring Street and 17th(?).
Take 6th St - Pacific Ave - Peachy Canyon Road to Vineyard Drive
Right on Vineyard Drive to the 'T' with Adelaida Road.
Go right 200 yds to the 'handsome' Victorian House and return to the 'T'
Take Vineyard Drive back to Hwy 46 and go west back to Hwy 1

Cypress Mountain Drive
Not during the rainy season!

Take a right at Klau Mine Road
Around the goat!

Take a left at Adelaida Road
Pullover at the cemetery!

Lura Kuhlman

Lower Level Cemetery

Infant Gravesite
Haunted by Charlotte?

Lincoln School History

Adelaida (Lincoln) School

Sheep lose on Peachy Road!
There's a turkey off Vineyard Drive!

Billy the Kid's Family
Mennonite Reverend Aron Wiebe
Mennonites in the Paso Robles area
Adelaida School and Cemetery
Mennonite Ghost
Ghost of Adelaida Cemetery
William Antrim - Step-Father of Billy the Kid
Haunts of Central California
Cycling to Lime Mountain
History of the Adelaida region
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