Quizzes and Tests

High School Physics and Mathematics
1. With block scheduling at least one (not so surprising) quiz per class period.
2. Don't ask when they're coming!
3. Look on the assignment board for scheduled big quizzes or tests.
4. Don't ask when they'll be graded! And don't worry I grade them fast!
5. All quizzes count. But there are many make-up quizzes and some make-up tests.
6. *Generally, if the requiz is better, the 2nd score replaces the 1st score,
      but if the requiz score is worse, the two scores are averaged.

7. Look on the assignment board for the grading "curve".
8. Answer columns ONLY when there's no work to be shown.
9. Cross out any work you don't want graded.
10. Do not write over any answers. Erase or rewrite.
11. After going over and possibly quizzing on sig fig rules, all quiz data will assumed to have 3 significant figures. Work and answers may be rounded to two sig figs.

AP Physics and AP Calculus
1-10. See Rules 1-10 above.
11. For AP Physics and AP Calculus Exam Problems & Calculator Use... See your instructor!