The Rule Book!

Our Not Too Serious Rule Book!
1. No rule is absolute!
2. Don't write on the desks with anything!
3. Don't step across 'the line' until the bell rings!
4. No electronic devices(ipods,cellphones,etc) during class.
5. No hoods.
6. No using your calculator to play games during class.
7. Don't write on desks. Clean and/or report writing.
8. Don't ask the teacher when the next surprise quiz is!
9. Don't throw anything in class.(-5pts T.J.)
10. Don't touch anything without Mr R's approval.
11. Do not go on the computer.
12. Always report missing or broken lab equipment.
13. Mr Ryono may try to "trick" students into studying/learning.
14. Don't always believe what Mr Ryono says, he may be testing you!
15. Don't ask the teacher when the next scheduled quiz is. Check your assignment sheet or ask a friend.
16. When absent call a friend to see what you missed and/or check the website for homework.
17. Always have at least 2 phone numbers of classmates. If they don't write down the assignments, notes and test dates either, get 2 new friends!
18. When the teacher is giving a presentation (lecture,instructions,demonstration) do not turn past 45 degrees.
19. Please, no chewing gum in class. No penalty here.
20. Detention for on and after 3rd tardy. 5 tardies is a 'U'.
21. One 'cut' is a 'U'.
22. Raise your hand if you have a question during question/answer sessions, lectures, or tests.
23. During testing, raise your hand for all questions or problems(such as a need for an eraser). 24. During testing, you may not change any answers once you leave your seat.
25. Hands are not allowed below the desk. Called the "Text Messaging Rule".
26. Students are not allowed to touch Mr R's toys & stuff without permission.
27. Games in class (chess sets, cards, desktop football) are not allowed unless given permission by the teacher.
28. Never throw things in class.
29. "Why" questions such as "Why do we have to know this?", "Why do we have to do this?", "Why isn't there more partial credit?", "Why are my parents making me take this class?", etc... are to be asked after class.
30. Only freshmen and sophomores are allowed to say, "That isn't fair!" in class.
31. Questions and comments in class are to be about how to do the mathematics and physics we're studying at that time.
more rules to follow...