Zen Meditation Booth

Zen Dry Rock Garden

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Stone Water Basin

Meditation Booth

Dry Rock Lake
kare ike

Bamboo Ceiling

Oriental Roof
Roof Detail

Top Moulding Detail
Panel Bottom Detail

Zen Garden
within a garden


Stone Turtle Basin
7th Century, Japan

No one seemed to know what a meditation booth was...
Jim built it and Rusty Fears & Jim designed the roof.
Rusty added the beautiful panel and numerous details. Thanks Rusty!
The chozubachi with running water is used to wash one's hands.
Jim is still trying to find or visualize the right bench for our booth.
The dry rock bed represents an ocean.
The ripples are waves washing up on the shores of the islands.
What worked really great for the crushed granite was 'chicken grit'.
Not a very zen thought, but it works really well!
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