'Bamboo Hut'

Covered Porch with Deck

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Rusty Fears
building the deck

Covered Porch off our bedroom.

path leading to the deck

Red Granite
New Guinea Impatiens

Guide Light
Heavenly Bamboo

Great Egret War Zone
Call Rusty re: Gazebo!

Rusty knows wood...
Jim couldn't resist the beautiful hardwood from Brazil.
Rusty used special 'biscuits' to join the beams
and only needed 6 screws.
A little tung oil should help keep its naturally beautiful color.
Now we have to decide what plants will go inside our 'hut'
and outside in the bamboo planter areas.
Ron Minor deserves credit for building our first backyard structure!
The blocky gray beams and cedar-colored grape-stake theme was used by Jim to unify our garden!
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