Goldfish and Koi

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Blue Shubunkin

Orenji Ogon

Red Shubunkin

Sarasa Comet

Blue Shubunkin

Sarasa Comet

Big Red
Pond Comet

Babies! and Other Fish

Feeding and Care
Don't Feed the Fish...
If predators like all racoons and some cats are going to go fishing!
Unless you have an electric fence!
They will naturally eat off the bottom.
Don't Feed the Fish...
If the temperature drops below 50 degrees (water hurts your hand).
For cold water (50-55 degrees) we use:
TetraPond's wheatgerm sticks.
For warmer water we use:
MediCarp's high protein pellets.
Otherwise train them to come to a spot and/or to your hand to feed!
Try to wait awhile and test the water for pH and nitrites(amonia) before adding fish.
Try to add only a few fish at a time.
We had to repeatedly use an ick treatment at first.
Are you working on the electric fence?
Okay? Well start working on keeping the herons and egrets out!
We're using a fairly heavy duty plastic net-like covering.
SLO Links and References
Pacific Water Gardens - Bruce Dwyer (594-1693)
Claudette Rettig - Plants/Maintenance (481-5301)
Water Gardens Unlimited - Newmans (929-4236)
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