Fish Pond & Waterfall

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Bridge & Pond
View from Booth

Main Pond
Lettuce & Lilies

Bamboo Gateway
Torii- like

Before Picture

Island in the Pond

Japanese Garden
taking shape

Sitting Rock


Garden Rock

Pond Gazebo by Rusty Fears!
A 90 year-old Monterey Cypress went down during a winter storm
and Rusty had our old-growth wood!
We discussed the vision of a oriental pagoda to protect the fish.
Rusty was there from the beginning...
Cutting & Hauling the Cypress Tree & Working in the Lumber Yard
Designer - Engineering & Woodworking
Sliding doors & Wood panels & Benches & Lighting
Craftsman - Thanks for showing me so much about wood.
Pictures can't really do his work justice.
You have to walk around & inside, feel the wood
and sense how his work is all a part of the koi pond & garden.

Pond Notes
Kevin (Rock Solid Creations) deserves most of the credit here.
He added extra touches and is willing to work with the homeowner.
Powerful pump, good bio-filter, in-pond lighting for night viewing.
The waterfall sound turned out great also.
The water loss due to the falls is a common problem.
I'd suggest liner and angling the rocks... but we love the falls anyway!
It's the electric bill(not water bill)! I need the pump on a timer!
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