Walnut Creek Park

Antonovich Trail

San Dimas, CA

Path Down

Parking off San Dimas Ave

View from the Top


Views from the Trail

Walnut Creek
Photo 1 , Photo 2

Creek Crossings
Point 1 , Point 2

Veggie & Tea House

Welcome to San Dimas

Old Downtown

Getting There
From the south
Take the 57 Fwy to Arrow Hwy just before the 210 Fwy
Exit going east(right)
Right on San Dimas Avenue(after 4 signals)
Past the Water Park & under the 57
Dirt parking on the right.
From the west take the 105 Fwy to 605 Fwy(north)
605 Fwy to 60 Fwy(east)
60 Fwy to 57 Fwy(north)

Veggie & Teahouse for vegetarian with Chinese atmosphere(informal)
641 Arrow Hwy(right off the 57 Fwy)
11am-8pm (909)592-6323
Raging Waters
Bonelli Regional Park

March 2009
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