Gil Eberhard

Sky Hook!

Donkey Basketball

While I'm in this thankful mood, I'd like to tell all my students past and present that I have always appreciated and have been somewhat amazed by how well they have taken care of our physics materials and toys and of our rooms. A lot of people have helped to provide for our students. My students have appreciated the oscilloscopes and optics benches. I've only had two instances of vandalism in all my years here and one was from an immature freshman who wasn't one of my students. He hadn't gotten with "the program" here at PV yet! 

I know! More pictures less talk! Well, let's see...I'll increase the font size and...Hey! You don't have to read this! I'll fill it in later (if I ever bother!) with something interesting (you hope!). It may be hard to tell but thru the trees we can see Palos Verdes Drive South which sits on a wavecut platform or cliff. The chapel is adjacent to the Portuguese Bend landslide area and of course the Pacific Ocean. The water is a little difficult to make out in the picture but you can come visit (Virtual Field Trip) and see for yourself!

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