Bolsa Chica Wetlands

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February 12,2000 - Take the 405 Fwy south from LA and exit west on Seal Beach Blvd. Go south on Pacific Coast Hwy turning left on Warner to the Interpretive Center (see Bolsa Chica Conservancy). There buy the colorful, laminated Local Shore & Water Bird guide for $8 and look at their modest but friendly displays. BRING BINOCULARS!
Special thanks to Don DesJardin (DD) and Barbara Samuelson (BS) for
their copyrighted photos!

American Avocets
all photos by DD
Don DesJardin (DD)
are copyrighted

Great Egret (at Bolsa Chica by moi!)

Turkey Vulture
with red head
and white beak

Tern hovering before diving with a smack!

Double-Crested Cormorant
with yellow-orange throat pouch
By Barbara Samuelson

Snowy Egret

Legs & Beak
Feet & Eyes


Marbled Godwit by Don DesJardin

Western Grebe


Willet by DD

Greater Yellowlegs


Lesser Scaup

Northern Shoveler