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1950-1979 (Top Songs for 30 Years!)
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Girls Groups
Acapella Doo Wop
Girls Groups Fan Club
American Music Classics
Top Songs - 1950-2000

Rock N Roll Production
Atlantic Records Story
Liberty Records story
Dot Records (Randy Wood)
Dimensions Records
Northeast USA Labels
Bertha Porter - radio music director

Paul Evans
History of Rock 'n' Roll

Oldies Music on the Internet (free RealAudio Player usually required)
Top 100 Doo Wop Songs
History of Rock - Jukebox
James' Oldies
My First Jukebox

More Music on the Internet (Lesser Sites)

Radio on the Internet (Lesser Sites)
Rock-it Radio
Color Radio

Other Oldies Stuff
Bubble Gum - site
Super 70's - Site
Nostalgia Acts
Movie Stars' Homes
Music Links Reviewed