Who is Mr Ryono?

  • Born in 1950 (yes, he's that old!) in San Pedro, CA.
  • Father's side of the family were part of the Japanese-American tuna fishing village on Terminal Island across from San Pedro.
  • Mother's side of the family were farmers on the San Pedro Hills.
  • Grew up in West LA and Playa del Rey, graduating from Westchester High in 1968.
  • 1972 - Graduated from UCLA with majors in psychology, mathematics and economics.
  • 1972 - Jim & Sue get married. A short Slideshow.
  • 1973 - Began teaching mathematics and coaching football and wrestling at Palos Verdes High School.
  • 1991 - Switches from teaching both AP Calculus and AP Physics to physics only as the three local high schools are combined.
  • 1997 - Begins to study and teach geology too.
  • Great Children: three boys, Jared, Morgan, and Lucas all wrestlers for West Torrance High, and one girl, Mari  who graduated from Peninsula High and is the 2nd oldest. Gives credit to Sue.

A Few Odds & Ends

Listens to KZLA (country & western) and KRTH (oldies). Likes musicals and romantic comedies. Is apolitical. Believes the streets should be safe to walk on. Thinks English should be the national language. Believes capital punishment is necessary at this time. Doesn't believe in all the religions. Believes in love. Enjoys life. Doesn't take things too seriously, including all of the above! Is certain he is one of the luckiest people going around.


Mr Ryono can be extremely studious at times. At UCLA when most would be socializing on a Friday night, he often headed for the library! Still, he has a 'jock' mentality. He played all the sports and used to be a tournament level bridge player. He coached football and wrestling when he started out as a teacher. As a boy, he often went fishing in the eastern Sierras. He enjoys southern California, dancing, movies, and theater. He is currently interested in geology and country & western music and dancing.


May 11, 2000 - Jim & Sally get married in Kauai.

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